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In May 2016, with regret, my husband and I found ourselves in a situation where we had to sell our once beautiful home that was occupied by tenants that had destroyed it in less than 12 months.

We were living in BC at the time and our home was in Ontario. Susan was asked to go into the home and have a look to see what needed to be done to sell the house. This was before we were aware of all the damage that had occurred during our absence. From that day forward, Susan went above and beyond to help us with everything from finding out our options as landlords and obtaining a lawyer, to finding someone to give us a bridge loan to get over $20000 worth of damage repaired, and so much more. She even rolled up her sleeves and helped get some of the dirty work done and made sure I got refreshments and took a break from the work when I needed it Talk about being thrown into the fire on your first listing! During this whole 3 month ordeal, she was my rock. She did her research, saw what the house could be, even in its worst condition and was totally professional. Words cannot express how thankful we are to have had Susan as our realtor. The icing on the cake was when we sold our home, prior to completing the repairs, and before going on MLS!!! Having said all this, it goes without saying that if you need someone to get top dollar for what is probably your most prized possession, we highly recommend Susan for the task. Her drive, knowledge, honesty, integrity and love of her career will definitely shine through and get you the best possible results.

Cheryl and Steve Ritchie

After making the decision to sell our home, we met with Susan early in January.

She advised us to put it on the market the end of January to hopefully get a jump on the spring market. This turned out to be excellent advise! She gave us lots of expert advise to prepare for the showing of the home. The photographer she used did an amazing shoot. Susan chose the perfect pictures to place on MLS. She even suggested including some summer photos so potential buyers could see how nice the house could look without snow. We actually sold our home while we were in Florida for the month of March. Susan assured us that we could go and enjoy ourselves and that she would take care of everything. She most certainly did! We were in very capable hands. Not only did she check out the house several times for us and bring in the flyers, she was present for the home inspection that the potential buyers did. She was constantly in touch with us via email , text or phone. The offer and the following negotiations were handled with professionalism. Even though we weren’t there, everything went smoothly. The whole process was stress free and so easy. Selling our home was a great moment of our holiday. Susan has kept in touch since the closing of the deal. She shared her knowledge regarding the lawyer, movers, etc. We know we can contact her at anytime with questions or concerns. The whole journey, since deciding to sell, has been a great experience with Susan using her great knowledge and expertise to guide and encourage us. Her personal touch and great personality were greatly appreciated. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to you . You couldn’t be in better hands!

Betty Jane and Heiko Buecking

Susan is not your typical realtor.

She goes above and beyond to help you with buying and selling your home. We have done several transactions with her and are happy with the outcomes and how helpful she is. She listens to what you want and tries her best to find/get it for you. She shows her knowledge by providing options and comparisons and is always ready when you are. She is there to help and always willing. We would recommend Susan as a realtor if you want someone honest, hardworking and determined. She has guided us for many years now in our housing adventures. Her representing you as your realtor would be a fabulous choice!

Nadia and Gustavo

I had total confidence that Susan would do a great job marketing and promoting my house.

She was always on top of things trying to get me the best deal possible.

Cyndy S.

Susan impressed me and far exceeded not only my expectations of what I feel a good realtor should do for their client but set the bar even higher by all the things she voluntarily did without being asked or expected by me or anybody else.

In addition to her personal dedication to her clients she also impressed me with her depth of knowledge on all things of importance. Susan may of only recently started this career in real estate but her confidence in her pricing and her personal touch in dealing with clients makes me confident she has found her true calling as her genuine interest in the market and getting value for her clients either in selling or buying is without a doubt second to none. I am a seasoned, experienced seller. I have personally done almost 20 purchases, sales and rentals in the past 8 years. I am not easily impressed. Susan is an agent you can rely upon and value her expert opinion and her added touch to make things perfect. It is without hesitation I endorse Susan.

Shirley Mein

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